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Career Paths

At Gradient, you won’t start your job and wonder what comes next. You’ll know. With our Career Maps, you can quickly visualize your potential destinations and what you need to do to safely land there. When a modern aircraft takes off, it knows exactly where it’s going and what the route along the way will look like. Nothing is left to chance.


Once you take off with Gradient, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to arrive at your next destination.

Corporate Positions

Administrative Professional

Administrative professional positions at Gradient cut a broad swath across our different businesses, ranging from compliance oversight to financial case design and investment portfolio management. The wide variety lends itself to movement between companies and exploring new opportunities.

Home Office

Accounting, human resources, IT, facilities management, events and travel…there’s a lot that goes into the business of running a business. In addition to home office support, people in these positions often work with financial services professionals.

Administrative Operations

Operations are a critical part of everything we do. Processing new business, overseeing and facilitating contracting for our financial services professionals, and interacting with outside companies to ensure that they have the information they need to complete contracts are all a part of our administrative operations.


Sales opportunities at Gradient range from entry-level to supervisory and leadership positions. More advanced positions require financial industry experience. Sales roles typically focus on recruiting financial services professionals to work with Gradient; supporting financial services professionals with product and marketing ideas; or both.

Creative & Marketing

Our in-house creative and marketing capabilities serve both financial services professionals and our corporate needs. Expertise includes graphic design, copywriting, virtual marketing, audio and video production, web design and development, and more. Project managers keep everything on track


Our software development company, Nextek, focuses on building software that serves the financial services industry. Nextek hires for a variety of technical development, programming and analytical roles, as well as operations and marketing support.

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