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When Chuck and Tami Lucius established Gradient in Topeka, Kansas, in 2005, they wanted to incorporate Chuck’s previous service as an Air Force pilot into the company. With that, Gradient began using aviation terms in company communications, marketing campaigns and much more — in fact, at our Minnesota headquarters, you’ll notice that our many conference rooms are named after historically important planes.

In keeping with that theme, when you join the Gradient crew, you’ll be given a clear flight plan with which you can navigate not only your route at Gradient, but your flight through the financial services industry as a whole.

Executive Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The spirit of our operation is driven by a simple mission: Connecting you to a confident financial future. For everyone, that means something different — our business is designed to be agile enough to help you get there, no matter what your goals are.

For more than a decade, our Founders Charles (Chuck) and Tami Lucius worked tirelessly to build a financial services organization inspired by family and guided by doing the right thing for our customers and theirs. Because the needs of both financial services professionals and their customers are ever-evolving, that means we needed to build a business capable of growing with them ... starting with our people.

Leadership Team


Chad Roesler

President, Gradient Insurance Brokerage


Mike Binger

President, Gradient Investments


Sheri Mushel

President, RIA Registrar


Luke Loewen

President, Gradient Annuity Brokerage


Rob Nelson

President, Gradient Securities


David Johnson

Director, Case Central


Jay Guerin

President, Gradient Life Brokerage


Adam Estall

President, Gradient Advisors


Kristina Walch

President, Nextek

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